• Railing: Vertical picket with trim boards top and bottom and cap board
  • Upper trim board to be 2" x 8" or 2" x 4"(this narrower trim board was recently approved)
  • The lower trim board to be 2" x 8" and should not extend above the decking boards
  • Vertical pickets spaced at 3 ¾" width 
  • Posts 4" x 4" for every 5' of railing
  • Deck and railing stained to match existing Olympic solid Oxford Brown or Olympic semi-transparent Black Walnut
  • Alternative - Trex decking - color Woodland Brown.
Addition, removal or changes to currently existing deck or deck railing requires approval by Reston DRB and should adhere to above cluster standards.

Recent changes approved in individual cases by DRB include:


Spiral stairs - Hercules, type Z, platform style E or similar in appearance. Rail color: black. Stair color to match deck color. County now requires lighting on stairs - shielded, small LED light that points down at each step.
  • Lowering rail form 41" or 36".
  • Extending deck out from house by an additional 3', but angled back on side(s) where adjoining neighboring property. Extending deck in such a way requires vertical supports posts in place of existing diagonal braces.

In recent applications, DRB has also stipulated that:

  • Any benches should be simple backless benches that are located behind, and do not alter the appearance of, the railing.
  • the deck should be constructed in such a way that knee braces are not required for support.
4th Floor Deck Railing