Cluster Services

Grounds Maintenance

The Cluster maintains the common property that was deeded to it at inception. A significant portion is landscaped with turf and various plants and trees. Each homeowner is responsible for maintaining the grounds that lie within their house's lot lines. During the summer months, the cluster landscape contractor, currently Blade Runners, will mow all private unobstructed lawns unless a homeowner requests otherwise.

Road Maintenance

The Lakewinds I Cluster encompasses two roads, Lakebreeze Way and Dockside Circle, and is responsible for the maintenance of their blacktop pavement, as well as for the concrete sidewalks and curbs that border these streets. Individual homeowners are responsible for maintain the walkways and patios that lie within their lot lines.

Snow Removal

During the winter season, the Cluster retains the services of a snow removal contractor for clearing snow from the Cluster's roads and parking areas, and for spreading salt and sand when conditions warrant. Individual homeowners are responsible for clearing snow from their walkways and the portion of the sidewalk that runs in front of their home.


The Cluster's walks and parking areas are illuminated at night by various lights throughout the Cluster. Cluster walkway lights are maintained on an as required basis. Please contact one of the Board members to report any problems with our lighting systems.

Docks & Boating

The Cluster owns and maintains three docks and a canoe rack for the use of all residents. Many of the homes in the cluster are 'waterfront lots' with the deeded right of direct access to the lake from their property. Those with 'Lakefront Property', as defined by the Reston Association, have the right to dock boats at their shoreline (in compliance with Reston Association Policy). The cluster sets policies for the use and accesss of its Common Lakefront Property.